Hey there

I’m Paige…voted most likely to cry behind my camera during your vows, but also get down during the Cha Cha slide (while simultaneously snapping pictures of course).

When I say I love love, I don’t mean it in a cliche, Hallmark type of way. I mean, the for better or worse, snuggled up with your pups on the couch binging New Girl, laugh so hard you cry, kind of love… because that’s what I have with my husband David (AKA my best friend and wedding day sidekick).

I live for connection and joy. I’m not kidding, my friends refer to me as a golden retriever in human form… kind, welcoming, and energetically by your side.

Life has taught me to be present in the moment. Since having our son Beau, I‘ve also come to understand that saying “time is a thief”. Photography has blessed me with the ability to preserve life’s most remarkable moments, and in a way freeze time. You deserve to experience this too. When you look at your wedding photos you’ll remember exactly how you felt as your mom zipped you into your dress while you cried together about how fast you grew up. You’ll get to tell your grandkids how nervous you were for that first look while you flip through the pages of your album and relive those jitters all over again. Not only are you investing in beautiful portraits with an unforgettable experience, you are also taking the first step to preserve your family legacy and freeze the moments where it all began.

In order to do this, I emotionally invest myself in your journey. Whether it’s your senior year or a lifetime with your best friend, once you become a part of the Kuffel Photography Family, sorry- there’s no getting rid of me!


We started with a photographer and ended with two life long friends

— Tanner and Aislynn Dixon

meet the rest of my crew


The calm and quiet one who keeps us all mellow. If he’s not hanging with us, you’ll find him hunting or DIYing another home project.


The sweetest babe I have ever known. He loves story time, cuddles and watching his pups. If he’s not giggling, he’s certainly into something!


The eldest of all my babes, and my first love. In his golden years he loves curling up at my feet while editing, and going for short strolls around the block.


The dopey troublemaker. Favorite saying: “Are you hungry?” If he’s not following his nose or chasing a ball, he’s laying around, sighing loudly until you notice him.







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